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Cartuxa Winery

The visitor to Cartuxa is privileged to enjoy the uniquely beautiful grounds and cellars at Quinta de Valbom. You can also sample the Foundation’s wines and olive oils, and purchase your favourites from the Cellar shop.Guided tours finish with a tasting of wines and olive oils. The tour takes around 90 minutes. 

32 min driving from home


muralhas de evora.jpg

Evora Walls

Evora Walls are one of the wonders of the city and they have the power to take us to immemorial times. They are classified as National Monument in Portugal since 1922 and are part of the historic centre of Evora World Heritage Unesco

33 min driving from home


capela dos ossos.jpg

Bones Chapel 

Bones Chapel in Evora always comes to mind when you think of this city. Because it is scary or simply because it is one more of its great monuments. They are all spectacular. That’s why Evora is a World Heritage site according to UNESCO.

40 min driving from home



The Roman Temple

The Roman Temple in Evora is one of the greatest and best preserved roman temples in the Iberian Peninsula. That is why it was considered World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986. 

32 min driving from home


cavalos na areia.jpg

Horses on the beach

In the safe hands of our experienced instructor Jose Ribeira, guests, total beginners included,are invited to ride through Comporta's dazzling scenery.
There are 20 horses, which are all very patient and docil and well used to riders of all kind, even to children!

50 min driving from home




Surf in Comporta is family owned and operated from the office to the beach. 20 years of experience and more than 10 years teaching!
A perfect activity for those you love the beach!
Available to all ages no matter the experience in surfing. 

1h driving from home



Badoca Safari Park

The Adventure Safari offers children and adults a unique opportunity to get up close with wild animals in full freedom. In the park, 18 different animal species cohabit, totaling 230 animals which can all be observed throughout the journey.

1h driving from home



"Sunset Secret Spot"

Far from touristy areas, this is one of Portugal's most beautiful beaches. Indulge in a carefully prepared gourmet picnic featuring the best, freshest produce from the local area.With breathtaking beauty, enjoy the moment and take record some unique snapshots.- by Comporta WOW

50 min driving from home



Evora and Megalithic Circuit 

The tour will begin at the city of Évora Historical Centre, a UNESCO Site. Human presence in Évora counts thousands of years, since pre-historic times, as archaeological remains are able to prove.

Around the city of Evora!



Interactive Megalithic Museum

The mission of the Interactive Megalithic Museum consists of the disclosure of the megalithic patrimony in Mora and their main goal is to preserve the history/culture of its population.

1h35 min driving from home



Tabua & Barro do Naldo

Prices= 20 € - 35 €
Gastronomy: Mediterranean
Meals: Options without gluten 

30 min driving from home



Comporta Café

Gastronomy: Bar, Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Portuguese
Special Diets: Good for vegeterians, vegan options and options withouy gluten

27 min driving from home


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