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Points of intereste

- Inserted in Alcáçovas with great restaurants and local commerce

- 700 m from the typical Alentejo restaurants "Sabores da Vila" and "O Barrela"

- 12 km from the village of Torrão

- 16 km from the restaurant Rabino´s no Escoural

- 32 km from the famous restaurant Fialho in Évora

- 72 km from the beaches of Comporta

- 128 km from Lisbon

Please note that we do not have a reception, so please let us know your arrival time in advance.

Boost your Alcáçovas experience with our tips:

- Enjoy the best Alentejo cuisine in and around Alcáçovas

- Walk through the village of Alcáçovas to learn about the Alentejo environment.

- Visit the historic city of Évora and see its centuries-old monuments

- Go to Comporta and discover its fabulous beaches and restaurants

- Taste the wonderful Alentejo wines and taste the typical sweets of the region.

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